I did not have time for pack anything.

I left in the middle of my nightly

sculpture wedding dress,contemporary art, paper and resin,Piet.sO 2013
Piet.sO 2013

sculpture white rabbit, paper Piet.sO 2013
The guide
Piet.sO 2013

sculpture robe-château,château de Talcy, Monuments et Imaginaires,Piet.sO 2012
Piet.sO 2012

Piet.sO, resin dress, Parc Tournay-Solvay, Espace Européen pour la sculpture Brussels
Piet.sO 2011

installation,descente de nuisettes, Parc Tournay Solvay, Bruxelles exposition personnelle : Quand le bois dort, les souvenirs dansent, Espace Européen pour la sculpture Piet.sO 2011
Why tremble now
Piet.sO 2011

Piet.sO dress sculpture Tournay-Solvay Parc
Languidly Psyche
with apples 2011

Piet.sO , nef,sculpture, Parc Tournay-Solvay, exhibition, Espace Européen pour la sculpture Brussels
Piet.sO 2011

red resin dress luminous sculpture Piet.sO
Red in red
Piet.sO 2010

dress sculpture in lead, Piet.sO
lady of lead
Piet.sO 2007